"The key to success in business, as in life,

is managing expectations...

usually downwards"

Dr. Daniel Thorniley | President DT-Global Business Consulting

Curriculum Vitae of

Dr. Daniel Thorniley

Danny Thorniley is President of DT-Global Business Consulting GmbH (an LLC company) and co-founder of the CEEMEA Business Group corporate service (advisory for regional executives running Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa). DT-Global Business Consulting is Danny’s own consultancy company based in Vienna through which he works with some 380 key clients on business strategy in CEEMEA, global and emerging markets. The services of the Group include written position papers, presentation slides and private client meetings as well as in-house presentations. He is also invited to make some 60 speeches/presentations by clients across the world on global business trends, business operations, emerging markets, corporate best practice.


For 23 years Danny was Senior VP at The Economist Group, Vienna on global corporate business trends, with specialisation in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), USA, Europe and emerging markets.


Danny is regarded as a charismatic speaker who can present detailed business and economic analysis in an easily digestible fashion with a great deal of genuine humour. Danny is renowned for not using powerpoint presentation slides --- never. Dr Thorniley has also given guest presentations at Executive MBA courses on behalf of Oxford University, the University of Chicago, IESE (Spain) and the Central European University in Budapest. The executive MBA students at Chicago rated him “best speaker” on 12 occasions out of 12 over 5 years. Danny has exceptional skill sets in global business strategy, business in emerging markets and CEEMEA and hands-operational knowledge of business operations, distribution, partnerships, investments and human resource issues.


He has worked on a personal basis with 380 companies operating in emerging markets for 26 years and has personal contacts with most senior western MNCs operating in the EMEA region and beyond. He makes frequent presentations at CEO and Board level (over 120). He has personal friendships with leading executives in Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, Ernst & Young, Raiffeisen, Robert Bosch and many, many others.


He holds and has held a number of non-executive and advisory board memberships with major European and US corporations and among other current roles he is a member of the Global Advisory Board of the US company Aecom.


Dr Thorniley was educated at Oxford University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, a diploma and a doctorate degree in Soviet political economy.


Sir John Major, the former British prime Minister has called Danny “The world’s leading business expert on emerging markets”


He has published three books, including one on Russia with Macmillan (UK/USA) and two with Profile books on Doing Business in Global Emerging Markets.


Speeches, presentations, chairing, facilitation

Danny has 25 years of public speaking and has delivered close to 1,000 presentations and has facilitated many corporate events and chaired over 600 open events and conferences. He makes 55-65 presentations each year and some clients have booked him for 10-15-20 years in a row! He is able to deliver complex business and economic analysis in a straight-forward and comprehensible style. And he has an excellent sense of humour and can usually has most audience laughing t serious things! Danny has decades of experience delivering dinner speeches  as well.


What Danny says in his speeches


"The key to business success in emerging markets is trust, relationships, partnership and friendship". When Danny mentioned this to the Chairman of one of the world's largest consumer product companies, the comment was that "This applies to all markets, developed ones as well"


True indeed.



Danny also enjoys quoting Albert Einstein in his speeches. The great scientist once said, "There are only two things which are infinite: first, the universe, and second human stupidity". Einstein went on to say, "But I'm not sure about the first". Sadly we have seen so much human stupidity in the global financial and business world in recent years which in 2008 brought us close to global financial collapse; the after-effects are still with us.


 In Danny’s keynote global presentation he analyses why the global business environment remains tough and challenging for the majority of his client companies and what they are doing to adapt to the multiple new normal. His presentations are filled with mini-case studies from real world corporate experiences and he outlines what corporate Best Practice should be in relation to clients/customers, distributors and partners and internal human resources. Danny has years of experience of expelling the challenges of global and emerging markets to CEOs and at Board level.


He is well able to explain what the key global economic drivers are which affect and influence the corporate world and can assess big-picture strategic issues. Equally though Danny is very comfortable in talking and discussing the “micro” operational issues facing companies: sales, profits, marketing, route to market, consumer segmentation, changes in consumer behaviour etc.



Dowload sample reports

Danny writes some 50 papers and sets of presentation slides each year on global business trends, Best Practice in emerging markets and operational papers on specific markets. He has a special expertise on business issues related to Russia and has close personal contacts with most to the major western multinationals doing business in that market as well as good personal relationships with leading Russian officials andtop Russian business executives.


One of the attached papers on global business trends examines why the global recovery is slow and explains in detail real-world business issues and refers to corporate case studies.


The second paper is a generic business review of the Russian market and argues that Russia is a very interesting and profitable market for western companies but one which is much misunderstood bywestern global headquarters. This paper explains why companies need to do business there.


Global Business Outlook | 2015 - 2020

Russia Business Gossip | July 2015

Poland Outlook | July 2015

References of Dr. Daniel Thorniley as a Public Speaker

A further 150 corporate references are available on request as are DVD copies of speeches by Dr Danny Thorniley.



+ IBM have invited him to speak 15 times


+ Ernst & Young have invited him to speak 30 times


+ Oracle have requested speeches 15 times


+ He has made an annual speech for the Danish Confederation of Industry on 22 occasions


+ Hundreds of other companies have invited him to speak at their in-house gatherings or special events.


+ He has presented at CEO and Board level on more than 100 occasions and is asked to return to brief the same CEOs at subsequent occasions



“Danny Thorniley is a remarkable public speaker. Knowledgeable, insightful, provocative and very funny. He is very worth listening to. I also find his position papers extremely useful in global analysis. As I have told Danny, I wish he had been working for me as a personal adviser when I was Prime Minister”.

The Right Honourable John Major, former UK Prime Minister



“Thank you for a superb presentation to myself and the Board. I was delighted with your global summary and I know that other Board members are now inviting you to speak to their Boards which is hardly surprising. Well done and best regards”.

Sam Palmisano, CEO, IBM



I have been reading Danny’s position papers for three years. I want to say they are the best in the world. I (and other Board members) have never read anything like this in my professional life. No one writes with such vigour, cutting out all the blah blah which we so often get. The papers also have a great sense of humour. I have never read any business papers in my life which are so serious in content and such fun to read. When I met Danny this year in person, he was just as brilliant”.

Jean Francois van Boxmeer, CEO, Heineken



“Danny, Thank you so much for your briefing to my international team and myself. Your thoughts and arguments on the global business environment were striking and thought provoking. I was told you would stimulate the audience and you certainly did. Many thanks again. I believe the European team have invited you again for next month”.

Bill Stavropoulos, CEO, Dow Chemical



Dear Danny. It was a pleasure to listen to you again. Let me say I find you one of the most profound and thought-provoking speakers I have ever heard. You are completely clued in to the global business world. I am so glad my team invited you again. I look forward to the next time”.

Hakan Bjorklund, CEO Nycomed



“It was great to see you again in Vienna. Thank you for outlining how you see the global economy. It was thrilling stuff, truly. I really appreciate all you do and thanks for stimulating the whole management team”.

Chuck (Charles) Golden, CFO Eli Lilly



“Thank you say much for the presentation to the Board. You were the star speaker and when you had left we spoke a lot about you (kindly!) and about the issues you raised. I know other Board members will be in touch with you soon to follow up several points. Thanks again”.

David Farr, CEO, Emerson



Danny Thorniley is a multi-media “happening”: position papers on all business issues and regions, the best speeches in the world which are simply fascinating, his new book, his videos and DVDs of his speeches. The output is phenomenal. My colleagues and I have been privileged to know Danny for several years. He is unique in his analysis of the global business environment. No one if more accurate, frank, provoking and so extremely funny.

Walter Schoenthaler, CEO Manner company Austria



“Dear Danny. Well you certainly created a stir at our Institute. I have never had MBA students so enthusiastic about any speaker. We are constantly being asked even months later to bring you back and asked to use you more and more. Thank you so much for your speech and see you soon”.

Director, Instituto de Empresa



“Achieved the highest ranking from the University of Chicago MBA students on twelve occasions out of twelve. He does this each year. This is unheard of. He also received two standing ovations after one presentation. The executive students love him”

University of Chicago at Barcelona



Danny’s papers and speeches are a joy. I have never met anyone who can explain such complex issues to me and my colleagues in such plain language that we can understand!

Michel Troutaud, Managing Director, Allied Domecq



“As I have told so many business colleagues, Danny Thorniley combines the best traits of an actor, an academic and a business developer, and I truly value both his insight and his approach to business relationships”.

Alex Schay, Partner, Frishberg law firm



Voted “Best corporate speaker” at

Cisco Managers’ meeting in Baden, Austria



“He is a born speaker” – Confederation of Danish Industries



“Danny is a fascinating speaker. He is able to keep his audience spell-bound”

Bengt Westergren, President, AIG



“Danny, thank you for the speech. It was fantastic. I have been receiving rave reviews all day from the students. We look forward to the next time”.

Heather Elms, Academic Co-ordinator, Central European University, Budapest, after third annual speech to MBA students



“I have recommended him as a speaker to my clients and to my brother who is a global CEO. Listening to Danny is a joy, an entertainment and a learning experience”

Leslie Bergman, Managing Director, Accenture



“I have no hesitation in recommending him as a speaker at Board level. We have used him three times at this level”

Christopher Henwood, Regional President, Boots Healthcare



“Consistently impressed by his ability to communicate extremely complex material in a clear and refreshing way”.

Misha Shukov – Dow



“I have known Danny for 10 years. He is one of, perhaps the best, public speaker in the world. Always factual and importantly delivered with a sense of humour”.

Hans Jarnik, Regional President, Oracle



“Highly engaging and humorous manner…practical rather than theoretical”




“Daniel is a provocative and insightful commentator. We have invited him to speak at every level of the Ford organisation. People constantly ask for him to be invited again. ”

Len Meany, Senior VP, Ford Motors



“Daniel is an excellent speaker – who often speaks off the cuff without the aid of notes. I encourage my colleagues around the world to get in touch with him”.

Matt Symanzski, Regional Director, Brown Forman Worldwide



“Dear Danny: Regarding your speech in Istanbul to my 100 colleagues –





Thank you very very much, Paul”

Paul Hart, Managing Director, Procter & Gamble




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